Sunday, 31 March 2013

Just a question.....

Left click these and see what you think..

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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Hotel Getting Busy, Still Sunny, Life Good.

And one big Aaa moment.

This is the doctors surgery where we have finally registered, not quite the norm as we would know it..

I just can't keep banging on about the weather.....can I ?

Look what happened more or less overnight, just sooo cute.

Right, clear off before I fix you!

Just one more and I'm gone.

Ok, I've been hanging here long enough, take the flipping picture!

Bird rock was busy today...

Lots of coming and going, If you click on these pictures you can see them in more detail.


There's always one isn't there?

You may dine at my table.

Until next time..............


Monday, 25 March 2013

A Bit of a Blow, But the Sun Soon Returns..

And I'm not sure who is the biggest Chicken!

The wind returned to Stronsay for a couple of days,

It stayed around just long enough to remove our skin and then chill the bones.

Today on the other hand, is a completely different story.

Once again the sun is shining, the wind has more or less gone, the skys are towering and the garden beckons.

In the garden we had a couple of visitors, "Madam" has never seen a Chicken before so a little pat at it might be in order

Not a chance......... as the Chicken wanders slowly away.

Only one thing to do now............

Hide behind a rock!

You can't see me because I'm not really here.

Until next time........................


Saturday, 23 March 2013

The island still has no snow,

And the English team have a lot to answer for.....

No snow here as yet, is this a bit odd or what?

The fire folk were over the other day to give us a good old check out.
Risk assesment this, fire policy that, stick this here and stick that there, we are as safe as houses with our alarm system and smoke detectors etc etc, but we have to write it all down on paper to prove it....?????

On a different tack,

There was a bet made between a staunch England fan and a staunch Welsh fan about who would win the rugby,

Guess who lost.

Until next time.................



Sunday, 17 March 2013

Playing with the new camera...

Not quite right yet but getting nearer.

There's still no snow or frost here at the moment, although it is a tad "nippy" the sun still shines.

Swans gliding serenely through the...............Kelp!

Apparently (according to the book) they quite often frequent the shoreline, this is something I've never actually seen before though. There are also lots of Ducks here too, there are Eiders swimming about but the surprise to me at the moment is the amount of good old Mallards quacking away.

Now you are being silly!

Here I sat waiting for the Fulmars to show off, this camera takes three frames a second so there was no way I was going to miss them this time.

I was stood up.....

This looks like someone's had a go at it in Photoshop, but it is all genuine.

The old and the new enjoying the view,

If you don't stop that...............

Until next time........................


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I can't say it again....

But I'm going to.

Yet another glorious day here on Stronsay, (sorry Graham)

A quick run around part of the island this afternoon revealed all these colours just waiting to be snapped.

I skived off for an hour and sat on that bench with a nice glass of the amber throat oil.
My tan has started!

This is "Bird Rock" in the garden, (note the complete lack of grass, this equals no mowing....Bliss)

The birds are fed everyday with masses of seed, carefully watched by "Madam".
She has no chance

This is certainly going to be my spot.... come the summer

Until next time.......................


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Winter tries to rear it's head..... again

And there was this odour........
The snows are coming, the snows are coming, shouts the forecast...... I managed to find this bit before the sun melted it away!

Apparently I've got to stop taking silly pictures.

There was a fair bit of wind today though, I'm amazed those blades aren't just a blur.

Talking of wind......... There was a distinctive niff, pong, hum, nose offender (call it what you will but it smelt) eminating from somewhere in our living quarters.
After having our inherited drain pipe trouble fixed recently, we knew there was no problem there, but this stench was still happening every now and then.

Long story short, wind direction and an open washing machine drain pipe was giving direct access to the septic tank........Loverrrrly. Sorted!  

It's the colours, It's the colours says he.
Stop it says D. 

One for the road!

Until next time.........................


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Lunch In The Garden....

And a bit of beach combing.

Yesterday was another cracking day so we took a walk out onto one of the beaches to see what we could find.

Even the rocks and boulders here are laced with glorious colours, this lot would be a garden designers dream back down south.

A pot full of Mussels were soon found, we will have no problem eating them as the waters here are gin clear and have none of the pollution you would find in the South East, a good load of driftwood followed.

This is for our nice new wood burning stove that has just been delivered, I haven't fitted it yet but it is never too early to start collecting wood......!

There certainly has been a lot of upheaval along here in the past.

Moving on to another beach where you have to wander through these dunes to get to.....

.............. here!  What more can you say?

This time the rock layers are almost vertical.

We did take advantage of the weather the other day and actually sat out in the garden with the sun shining brightly overhead as we ate our dinner...........Sorry to all of you who are suffering the frosts right now.

Until next time....................


Saturday, 2 March 2013

A Rush Hour Traffic Hold Up,

And I'm getting a new camera!!!

Having had their fill of the farmers "Neaps" (Turnips, Swedes etc) This lot wandered back to the barn.
Honking at them was just a waste of time.

This house has no road access at all as we found out the other day, the postie was walking along the small cliff edge to deliver a letter. This took him quite some time to get there and back and I could only think of what it must be like in the wind and rain.
The post must get through! 

Got one!
I also got some sky and a bit of sea, but that is not the point.
These Fulmars are very hard to get as they fly at great speed and with mind boggling agility, but.......I am finally going to get a "proper" camera and hopefully should be able to produce some "proper" pictures very soon.
My little 4 mega pixal Kodak has done well over the years but there is too much scope here on the island for stunning pictures.

I can't wait.

Until next time....................