Saturday, 9 April 2011

Getting The Land Legs Again.

Hits and misses......

One thing that we did miss whilst aboard Ubique, was our weekly treat of seafood.

Crabs, whelks, prawns, cockles and not forgetting the good old Jellied eels, have been sadly lacking from our diet.
Please sir can I have some more?
The staff at the stall welcomed us back with open claws arms!


Grass, green green grass. Lovely for all things garden....ish.
Mowing the damn stuff though is a different matter and something that I really did not miss.
I kid you not here......... after cutting it all down today I gave the mower a service that took all of an hour and a half, on testing the mower it cut a lower stripe in the grass that I had just cut.
It's out of control this green stuff, out of control I tells ya!   Twitch, Twitch Twitch.


someone who shall remain nameless (It was D) only went and picked the winner of the National today at 14 to 1.
My two legged nag fell over as they let it out of the horse box.

Hit and a miss!

With the benefit of hindsight......with the money from the sale of Ubique on the nose of that nag we would be very, very rich right now.

It's a good job that we are sensible...................isn't it?

Hit or a miss?

Until next time.....................


Thursday, 7 April 2011

Two Weeks Ashore.

What's that in the sky?

Traipsing off the Leeds Liverpool and onto the Trent and Misery in July last year, there was quite a fuss going on about a newly imposed hose pipe ban.
Being up in those northern climes it seemed that they had never had to suffer such a thing before and stress ensued.

Having lived a lot further south we were well used to these bans.

Now there has been a good two full days of sunshine down here and apparently we have Just gone through the driest march since records began - again - We are now waiting for the first ban of the season, it won't be too long in coming at this rate.

Until next time......................



Monday, 4 April 2011

Freedom Regained.

That was a bit hectic............

I don't care what anyone says, this is not the same!

Off we mooched to a garage where we bought our last car from, only to be confronted by a Tesco. That was a bit ironic as most of our time aboard was spent trying to find a Tesco and this one fell into our lap.
The main problem though, is that as yet, Tesco do not sell cars.

Walking around trying to source a car failed dismally, as did the bus - fourteen pounds return for a fourteen mile round trip - Use public transport? I don't think so!
Are you mad?
Hire car?
Thirty pounds a day during the week, or the weekend special rate of three days for.............. thirty five pounds.
No, It's right, only a fiver more for two extra days.

We found what we wanted about forty miles from base on Friday and picked it up Saturday. Result!

Took the hire car back this morning  and we are now free again.

We used to do a bit of buying and selling boats before, so it would be easy to slip back into that just to keep the wolf from the door.
I was a little bit rusty on the finer points of Ebay and lost our first catch by being three seconds to eager.

Oh well, tomorrow's another day, as the red one says.

Until next time........................