Thursday, 31 January 2013

Today the winds came.....

But the ferry didn't!

This was the the state of the pier where the ferry docks at high tide. Two sailings were cancelled today which is apparently very rare.
But guess what?.........that valliant little car with wings still made it to the island. 

There were gusts of over 80MPH recorded last night but one islander when asked about the wind strength remarked "just enough to dry your washing"

Just on an informative note, one thing that we can't really get to grips with at the moment (and no one "Dahhn Saaaf" will believe it) is that it is not that cold up here!!!.
We have had one small frost and a smattering of snow since we arrived in December and compared to our last house this place is positively balmy, mind you some of the folks here would say I'm barmy for saying that.

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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

All you need are the palm trees.

No, seriously this is one of the beaches on Stronsay!

No that's not snow........ it's white sand.

This is.........wait for it..........the airport!!

Loganair run a scheduled service out from Kirkwall to here and other islands, but (and this is a big but for me)  you have to fly in what can only be described as a car with wings.

Gung Ho! is the best description of these pilots as they will fly in anything up to 60MPH winds and if they miss the runway?......... the grass will do .....( I'm not joking)

Check in and baggage weighing is all acomplished in less than five minutes and you can do this as the plane is landing.
That certainly makes a mockery of the big airlines three to four hour pre flight check in times.

Island life is just going to be soooo good.

Lisa, thank you so very much for your comment.

I will try to source a map to put on here, but if you have Google Earth put in this postcode and it will take you straight to us. KW17 2AR.

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Monday, 28 January 2013

Here we are again,

Once more into the to speak!

Blogger is just as awkward to work as ever but on we go.

A lot has happened since the last Blog but......take a deep breath now

We have found a Hotel/Bar on an island named Stronsay just north of Orkney, we needed to sell our house to fund the purchase and that was when the 10 month nightmare of solicitors/ estate agents and every other money grabbing person you could imagine began.

Take another breath........a massive move later (Including cat) in a Transit van found us looking at the above sign.

That Aberdeen ferry would whisk us (well seven hours of whisking, a nights stopover and another hour and a half on the local ferry) to here......The Isle of Stronsay!!!
Unbelievably that picture was taken about three days ago and you can just make out a bit of snow glinting in the sun on the grass.

There is so much more to tell but I have to go and open the bar now, this bar being the only one on the island so...........

Until next time..........................