Saturday, 26 November 2011

Oh Those "Stevens".

Seagals Seagulls that is..........

I just love this.

If you phone the number on the board that gull will be around with "the boys" to sort out the problem for you.

In reality though.....the people who own this seafront property have shelled out a lot of money on nets and spikes to keep the "Stevens" off the roof. 
Money not very well spent then it seems.

"Madam" has settled into the house quite well and has just loved the summer in the garden, albeit that that is my seat, not hers,  mine!

Bootfair one liners:

Selling a tray of costume jewellery rings for the princely sum of one pound each, we were asked so many times as to make it unreal,

Are those real gold?

To which they would reply..........Don't want one then!

Until next time........................


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

What are all these cobwebs doing on here?

A bit of a dusting off required methinks.

Where do you start after such a long break? 
 No point in talking about what happened long ago.

Or trying to make something out of nothing, 

 Soooooo........ lets just dive straight back in.

What a summer that was!
 Boot fairs have been the way forward to thinning out our stuff ready for a big move next year. These have been an absolute mine for the "one liners" from the "no brainers" which I will pass on in due course.

First of all though, what would you say this is?
An airport waiting lounge?

An electricity generating station?

Or maybe a McDonalds or Starbucks waiting to open?

Surprisingly you would be wrong, this is the twenty five million pound "Turner Contemporary Gallery" in good old Margate.
Yes, it is fully open here, and yes, this is the front, and yes, even the man who designed it called it an elegant shed.

What more can you say???

It is good to be back.

Until next time.....................