Thursday, 1 December 2011

A Spot Of Council Bashing.

Is this the same time of year?

I know it is always easy to give the council a bit of a bashing, as whatever they do will never be the right thing with someone.

But.........sometimes they really deserve it.

This kerbstone was ripped from it's socket by some large vehicle and stood on it's beam ends (it's since been laid down).
 As it was totally out, (and if I put it back I would probably be liable for something or other in this day and age) I phoned the council.
Ten minutes later this was marked as urgent and I was given a case number to check the progress of the repair on line.
 As I can see it clearly from the kitchen window this seemed a bit excessive, but...when in Rome... etc.

Three weeks to the day of reporting it two people arrived in a van, painted those spots, made a phone call and.................. cleared off.
That was four weeks ago!

Checking the case number, it is marked as "under investigation".
Case number? Investigation? what are they going to do, arrest it for being out of place and disorderly in public?

A bucket of cement and ten minutes would have that sorted, but that's not how things are done nowadays is it! 

Moving on,

This time last year we were three days into our forty odd day enforced capture by the ice at Ellesmere.
Today we have cut the grass, hung the washing out and enjoyed some good wine sitting in a sun bathed garden.

Good old England, reliable as ever.

Until next time...................................