Friday, 21 March 2014

The Silence Of The Lambs.....

And Some heavy Weather.

Only one way to silence a Lamb.

I think these are the first ones out in the fields so far this year.

Well, they sure look happy enough anyway.

On a different tack, I know this looks like something that should be floating in a swimming pool or the nose cone of a Thunderbird, but it is actually a Bona Fide navigation buoy and if you look closely you can see the ferry  passing by in the reflection.

One of our neighbouring isles was well under the weather today.

That lot of cloud just looks so heavy doesn't it.

Until next time....................


Sunday, 9 March 2014


And a new acquisition........

We thought we should knock a big hole in the wall of the bar and fit a door leading into the garden.

Simple enough you might think, welllll..............No!

Trying to find a builder who wasn't too busy shaking his head, sucking air in through his teeth and scratching various parts of his anatomy proved difficult.

I should have known better though, the chosen one used to be called Avum & Leggitt, then Bodgit & Scarper and now C, Owboy & Co.

Director: Mr L, Ranger,
Deputy: Mr T, Onto.
Postcode Hi HoAG.

They arrived with no dust sheets, no stone chips (They used the chips from our garden) no sand (They used what was in our sandbags!!) Two of the smallest bags of cement you have ever seen (They had to build two steps with that) no wood trim etc etc, In fact it's a wonder they actually remembered to get themselves over here.


This is what we are left with after clearing away the ton of rubble that was scattered about the patio.
Plenty of finishing off for me to do there. 

On a happier note.........We have bought a boat.......again.

Once this little beauty has had a bit of TLC we will be afloat once more....Can't wait.

Until next time..........................