Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Grand Day Out!

And Some Good News...

The good news being that there are some yachts re-appearing and staying overnight now that the season is with us.
One of these three held the commodore of the Kirkwall yacht less.
They all had a good meal washed down with a few drinks and and left with promises to return.........can't be bad.

There's another one!

Tuesday this week found us creeping away from Stronsay to do a bit of shopping in Kirkwall.

The channel out takes you past this old sunken coal barge. Considering it spends most of it's life submerged it dosen't look in bad nick.

Getting into slightly deeper water, the twin turbo charged Lister Blackstones are let off the leash and away we thunder

Now, here's a picture you would not normally be able to take...........Why? you might ask, nothing special about that.

Well it's because...........

 we were on the bridge!

We asked to go up and the captain agreed, much to our disbelief.

Mind you, he might have had second thoughts when D was telling him she wanted to go over there.

The tide races here are really strong as the water whips between the islands, any thoughts I had of the captain turning the auto pilot on and sitting down for the rest of the journey were quickly thrown out the window.

These ships have to be handled through the races, anticipating the direction of tide and meeting it head on when you arrive saves the bow being violently thrown off course.
Then with a bit of careful rudder operation the tide run will bring you back on line.

This one is alright up to a force nine say's the captain, then we have to avoid it.

Force nine???  Force nine........that would have the Dover ferries cowering in the harbour let alone avoiding tide races!

The Varagon was nipping at our heels as we passed the Galt Skerry buoy.

Here we go again, a wicked tide run inbetween that rocky outcrop on the starboard side,

and this rocky beach on the port.

Grease the sides we're coming through!

Kirkwall soon loomed up,

and with one last look at the plotter...... we had to leave the bridge.

Picture postcard? Chocolate Box? Jigsaw Puzzle?

Well whatever it is, it's Kirkwall harbour with our ferry mooring up. 


Oh yes, before I forget, we did some shopping and went home..........

Until next time....................


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Whay Hay

The Internet is back..........

To quote Homer (Simpson) "How can a little insulated wire bring so much happiness?"

The best part of seven weeks we have been offline, Seven weeks!!
Ooooo.... thats a long time, especially out here and trying to run a business. It actually took getting our local MP involved to get reconnected.

So.... if you are looking for an internet provider at the moment I can thoroughly recommend the creature above, this is a far superior option than the lying clowns at Talk Talk and she would probably have got everything sorted out much quicker too.

 Moo Moo?

All is now calm,....... think happy thoughts.......think happy thoughts......

Until next time...................