Tuesday, 29 April 2014

What A Day!!!

And another trip out.

We have been trying to take a day off each week on Monday over the winter period, this invariably means that Mondays are either wet, cold, windy or a combination of all three.

This Monday proved to be the exception to the rule as we awoke to a corker of a day.

A trip to Kirkwall had already been planned as we have some guests arriving mid week who have asked for some crates of "Orkney Ales", (Just to try them of course).

This weather was the icing on the cake.

Camera in hand off we set for the bright lights of the town.

Our carriage for the day was the good ship "Varagen" .......and yes you've guessed it even more icing as.....................

We were allowed onto the bridge!!

Seats were supplied along with a nice cup of coffee, this is the way to watch the islands pass by at around twelve knots.

Lots of toys to play with serious pieces of equipment abound along the bridge.

No ships wheel here though, just a small joystick on the front of the cabinet.

First stop was at our neighbouring island of Eday.

The almost oily calmness of the water has been quite a rare thing so far this spring.

Fifteen minutes later and the big old V12 Caterpillar diesels were pushing us on our way once again.

It felt like cruising in/on the Med, warm sunshine and flat blue seas.......bliss.

A quick three hour mad dash around Kirkwall and we were back aboard vacating the linkspan for the Earl Thorfinn to take her turn to load up.

Daylight left us much later but the conditions stayed the same.

                          Stronsay Harbour By Night.....


As I said, What a day!!

Until next time.................


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Long Time No Blog (Again)

And a Bit of a Luna...Tic.

There have been winds and high tides here on Stronsay since my last Blog.

This is the "Fishmart" taking a bit of a battering. in some ways it is good that building is there as it acts as our own personal breakwater, in other ways not so good as you can imagine.

The ferry decided against trying to get here on this particular day, can't for the life of me think why.

Spring has been arriving though, as have a lot of Lambs.

These ones are sporting the latest in designer outdoor wear from Pac-a Mac.

The Patio/Smoking room/Beer Garden/Al-Fresco Dining area is now open.
 It certainly is a great little sun trap out there............all we need now is some sun!!


The Moon will be turning red tonight..............They said!

It is a full eclipse........... They said!

Oh no it didn't and Oh no it's not I said, after taking this shot at just gone 1am.

Apparently you could see it turn red if you live in America.....They said......the next day!!


Until next time............................