Friday, 10 June 2011

Well....I'm All Kinetic.

Xbox that is.

How can it be that long since I last Put a post on here?

This fine ship is one that has moved through our hands recently, we never even got the chance to take it to sea!

Moving on, there has been a couple of wills occurring so we are now looking forward to all the relatives appearing!
You know.........where there's a will..... there's a relative.

Currys have abandoned Herne Bay for warmer climes so our nearest store is now miles away, for our convenience, naturally.
You might think this is all a bit random,  but I have another birthday coming up - I feel sure you only used to get one a year when I was younger - and there is a game out for the Xbox that even made it onto the culture show the other day. LA Noir, Looks good to me.

Therefore I find myself standing in front of a fifty inch (why is this not metric?) TV connected to an Xbox in the afore mentioned miles away Currys.

This screen is inviting me to wave at it!

Looking carefully around to make sure there is not a mob of assistants hiding behind an even bigger TV giggling away, I embark at waving to the screen.

D is then the only one having a laugh, but, I stuck with it and chose an already created character named......Dappy.
Soooo Dappy is now standing in a huge store waving like a maniac at a TV screen with a D in fits beside him.

The assistant duly appeared and we were away on our toes.
Later, when the coast was clear,we headed back, and do you know what?
That damn machine put in nice large letters across its screen ....."Welcome back Dappy"

That was it for D, she was away......... we had to leave.

Until next time..................