Thursday, 19 December 2013

Water, water everywhere.....

But only beer to drink!

The island is being battered by some good strong southerly winds at the moment, they also seem to have brought an awful lot of water with them.

The Linkspan (Ferry Ramp) is getting a good soaking.

The sea was finding any little low spot and invading it

Not too much in the way of sea defence along this bit.

Is this 30 MPH or 30 Knots?

Just in case you have been locked in a box for a while........Christmas is on it's way!!!

We hosted the local school's staff Christmas dinner the other day, which seemed to go down well as there was nothing left for my supper.

Well.........This is the big one!

We have been here for a whole year today, a year in the blink of an eye, it just doesn't seem possible.

A celebratory party is organised for this Saturday which will include the "Santa Float" bringing Santa to the hotel for the kiddies (Young and old) followed by a Christmas Disco and buffet.

Lets hope the weather improves a bit!!

Until next time........................


Thursday, 12 December 2013

A Bit More of the Aftermath from the Blow..

And Christmas Arrives at the Bar.

The sky has been alight here in the early afternoons recently.

This twisted piece of metal is all that remains of a once proud wind turbine.

This, apparently, was one of the earlier models to have been put up on the island,

It had stood for a good few years and survived numerous severe gales, but the newness has obviously worn off and this one took it to the floor.

On a slightly lighter note, the deckies are up!!!!!

The bear is in place,

Glittery things abound,

and the tree is on it's table.

Rudolph the brown nosed (OOOeerrrr) reindeer is keeping an eye on proceedings from the "comfy" chair in the corner.

Until next time.....................


Friday, 6 December 2013

Winter Comes-a-Calling......

The Sand bags were popular.

The road is quite deep in this say the least!


This morning the wind had eased a bit, but in came a touch of snow.

They might be hardy but they don't look happy.

Even the neighbouring Isle of Eday looks a bit dramatic today.

Until next time...............