Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sorry, the blog is offline at the moment due to mad Monks and a JCB digger severing the cable!!!

Talk Talk are as much good as a chocolate teapot in getting it fixed.

Time will tell.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Ooo.. We Are Lucky To Be Here

And some bird recognition needed!

Is there any way I can feed a lamb? Says D to a friendly local.
No problem see you at twelve tomorrow, says local.

Arriving at twelve we find that this Ewe had just given birth to this little lump of cuteness.

Within a few minutes it was struggling to its feet,

And within another ten minutes or so it is looking for food........Amazing!

Having a walk around the shore in the sunshine (I know, I know....Shut up about the weather) we came across these. Without the bright red legs they are nearly invisible amongst the rocks.

I am on a mission at the moment to get a decent shot of a seal, but whenever I get near enough they scarper into the water...... that particular seal laughing all over its face, or is it just me?  I'm sure I heard a raspberry as well! 

This little fellow turned up in the garden this afternoon.

Terrible picures taken through the kitchen window,

But does anyone know what it is?

Until next time............


Thursday, 11 April 2013


Back at "Bird Rock".....

The Sparrows were having a party,

That was until the heavy mob moved in

Look at the beak on that.

They soon took over again though.

Until next time................


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Another walk out..

And another day that was just too good to be true!

You want a huge white sandy beach with blue water all to got it!

You want a secluded rocky cove all to got it!

And here's another one.......just for good measure.

You want stunning got it!

You want an infinity pool.. (well almost) got it

Sadly though, the hours rush by......

And it's time to go back to whence they came.

Bye for now.

Until next time....................


Sunday, 7 April 2013

A Family Walk To the Vat...

The Vat of Kirbister that is.......

I'm not going to waffle on too much here and hope these pictures do the island some sort of justice.

The "Vat Of Kirbister" is a local tourist attraction and to get there you have to walk along some of the most ruggedly beautiful coastline you can imagine.

Moody, Moody shot.

 What can you say?

This is the Vat Of Kirbister, it is called a "Gloup" which is a natural arch left after the sea has erroded everything else away.
"Muppet" here only took his telephoto lense with him and could not get a shot of the huge pool infront of the arch.
However impessive this arch might be, the walk to get to it seems even more so to me.

Until next time......................


Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Far Too Short Family Visit....

And a local comes up trumps.

Ooooo, what can you say here, Bugati is one word......... let me have a go, let me have a go, let me have a go is quite a few more.

Our daughter and her partner are the first of the family to come and "have a look" at what we are doing up here.
If you could have organised the weather for their visit I seriously doubt whether you could have got it any better than it was.
So, that good weather prompted a local man (who has a passion for classic cars) to offer us the use of two of them for a drive around the island.    

Now, it would be a total lie to say they were not pleased about this, they took this one burbling away into the distance,

As we loaded ourselves into this one.

Until you have sat in there laughing and giggling like school kids as you whip around a corner at forty miles an hour, you realise that you haven't really driven a car just for fun in a very long time.

The man who owns these beauties has plans to hire them out to the visitors of Stronsay.

Whipping around an island like this with the wind in your hair and a satisfying growl in your ear.........who could ask for more?

Until next time........................