Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Back To The Blogging...

A day of seals and birds.....need some help with the bird!

The season has come to an end now and a bit more time is available to us once more.

Traipsing off around the island we found a few seals waiting for their photo shoot. 

It's me again,

make sure you get my best side.

All this is just sooooo very tiring darling....


Now this is where I need some help.

These pics are taken at extreme range with a hand held 200 lens, hence they are rubbish.

The thing is, this bird dwarfed the Gannets that were working out there at the same time, and a Gannet is a big bird!

Arctic Skua came to mind but there is no forked tail and the ones I have seen so far are nowhere near as big as this thing.

I'm also not sure if Skuas dive for fish.

So... it is over to those of you who are trained in the ways of all things birdlike to please tell me what you think it is.

Until next time..........................