Sunday, 28 July 2013

Rain, Rain Go away......

Oops, now the fog is here to stay! 

A catastrophic computer crash has kept me away from the Blogging this time, I have managed to get it up and running again but.....and this is a big but, I have lost everything on the hard drive. 
Years of photo's etc etc......
Didn't you back it up? says D
Errrrr  No says a rapidly disappearing me.

Note to self: Bang head on wall until sense knocked in.

Anyway, to catch up a bit, the rain was falling for a few days then the fog turned up.

Me, I don't mind the fog, it brings a stillness and quietness to things and you can take moody pictures.

When even the Seagulls aren't flying it means that the little plane isn't flying either.
This left people sitting in the bar awaiting the ferry.

It's an ill wind etc etc...

Still, they left happy.

Last one.

Here's D wandering onto the Kirkwall lifeboat, it came to town the other day for the annual fundraiser held on the island.

This involved sale tables, large raffle and a dinner held in the hall.
The mountains of home cooked food were soon demolished and a very healthy sum was raised. 

They certainly deserve it!

After a tour of the bridge we got down to the meat and potatoes of the boat.
Two massive turbo charged computer controlled MTU,s.

The engineer was watching me with a wry grin as I was looking at the deck heads and hull sides and then back to the engines before I asked him,
How on earth did these get in here?

The superstructure lifts off was the reply.

This means that if you look at the previous picture most of the orange bit can be removed. 
That really is mind boggling as it is full of electronics, control systems, hydraulics etc that would all have to be disconnected and then, importantly put back again in the right order.

No bolts or washers allowed to be left over after that I would guess!

Well that's it for now, 
The fifteen hour power outage will have to wait,

Until next time............................   


Monday, 15 July 2013

Another Midnight Meander.....

And time for a paddle.

Blogger here threw a wobbler with Internet Explorer and refused to work for me, hence another long gap between posts. Google Chrome seems to be working for now, so here goes.....

Midnight at the oasis, send your Camel to bed........Ow!..I'm still not allowed to sing!

Midnight over Stronsay.

No Photo Shop / Photo Bucket touching up needed here. This is the real thing taken in the early hours of the morning.

Even the cows start early!

Later that same day there was a chance of a paddle,

and  time for some quiet contemplation.
Seriously though, if this was anywhere else it would be packed. 
Where in the world nowadays could you walk along a beach like this alone?

The old garden is coming along nicely,

Blooming marvellous. 

Ow!.....I deserved that.

Until next time...................